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Sabatini - The Tyrant Ebook Cover.jpg
The Tyrant: A Play Of Cesare Borgia

Playwright: Rafael Sabatini

The Master of Historical Fiction Brings Cesare Borgia To Life!

Cesare Borgia, former cardinal, Duke of Valentinois and Romanga, tyrant and warlord, has been a figure of awe and scorn for generations. The romance of Borgia’s tumultuous life has been the topic of romances, tragedies, operas, and films, television shows. Friend and patron to Leonardo da Vinci, his rise and fall inspired Machiavelli to write The Prince and Friedrich Nietzsche to write Beyond Good And Evil.

Among those inspired by this prince of Italy was famed author Rafael Sabatini (Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk). Compelled to explore this fascinating historical figure’s true nature, Sabatini wrote a biography and a play. But his best work is in his favourite writing style: historical fiction. With characteristic Sabatini flair, the master of the genre brings Borgia life as no one has before. In Borgia, Sabatini finds a real-life version of his fictional heroes—a brilliant man betrayed and wronged. Only this time, the man is not just wronged by his friends and foes. He is wronged by all of history.

Drawn to the passion, suspicion, betrayal, and ambition of Borgia’s exciting life, Sabatini presents a play based on actual historical events. Featuring characters such as Machiavelli, Sinibaldi, and Panthasilea, this is the great tragedy of the Borgias.

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