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The Man-Beast

Playwright: Joseph Zettelmaier

From the pen of award-winning horror writer Joseph Zettelmaier (The Gravedigger, Dr. Seward's Dracula) comes his latest eerie gothic retelling of a classic horror story.

"The most emotionally interiorized of Zettelmaier's horror tales. Few demons are more horrifying than the memories, fears and resentments we host inside our heads." - Chicago Tribune

A Gothic drama. In the 1800s, the wilds of France were stalked by a fearsome creature. Over three years, the Beast of Gévaudan claimed over one-hundred victims. Then, an outcast forester killed a hideous wolf-like creature and presented its corpse to King Louis for a rich reward. However, the story he told may not have been the entire truth. He certainly didn't mention a strange woods-witch and her involvement in his great hunt.

"A battle of wit and affection and intimidation.You know this match must finish. And you know there can only be one winner. But the duel itself is so mesmerizing, you never want it to end." - Cincinnati Enquirer

"Zettelmaier creates tantalizing stories." - Chicago Sun-Times



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