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All Childish Things

Playwright: Joseph Zettelmaier

It is a dark time for fans. It's 2006, and DAVE, CARTER, and MAX have a problem. Their lives never fulfilled the promise the Star Wars films made, they never had the means to embark on their own galactic adventure. Now in their 30s, Max is divorced, Dave's still living in his mother's basement, and KENDRA, Carter's new girlfriend, doesn't even know what a nerf-herder is.


But they have a plan. They will raid KENNER'S SECRET WAREHOUSE and steal all the collectables they can. Their mysterious BUYER has promised them more money than they can imagine (and they can imagine quite a bit). Max has a bad feeling about this, but when the Force is with you, what could possibly go wrong?

Sordelet Ink retains no rights to produce the plays we publish. Those rights belong solely to the playwrights themselves. If you are interested in producing one of these plays, contact information for each playwright can be found on the information page within each script. 

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