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Season on the Line

Playwright: Shawn Pfautsch

Based on the Novel MOBY-DICK by:  Herman Melville


Melville’s Pequod crew is transformed into the fictional Bad Settlement Theatre Company, beleaguered by a dilapidated building, strained finances, and an aging artistic director with a singular focus: the first-ever perfect production of Moby-Dick. Still reeling from a scathing review of his Moby-Dick 20 years prior, the director is hell-bent on mounting the perfect new vision to vindicate himself and save his company from ruin. A novice assistant stage manager joins the ranks at the top of the company’s make-or-break season, and is thrown quickly into the fray. Mirroring Melville’s unconventional forms, the play swings from soliloquy to encyclopedic investigation to action-adventure story.  Season On The Line is our young narrator’s look back at the industry he has grown to love, even as those around him pay the ultimate price in pursuit of their great white whale.

Sordelet Ink retains no rights to produce the plays we publish. Those rights belong solely to the playwrights themselves. If you are interested in producing one of these plays, contact information for each playwright can be found on the information page within each script. 

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