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Dr. Seward's Dracula Print Cover 1 copy.jpg
Dr. Seward's Dracula

Playwright: Joseph Zettelmaier

Based on the Novel by: Bram Stoker

"Zettelmaier's perspective on Dracula involves guilt and a quest for redemption." - Chicago Tribune

"People need monsters. They need to believe that there are limits to humanity and lines that cannot be crossed." Dr. Seward has cut himself off from the rest of the world after losing his lover and friends to Dracula. He has been contacted by the Irish author Bram Stoker, who wishes to tell his story. Soon, a series of murders occur, very similar to the ones Seward fought to stop. The doctor must face demons both real and imagined to find the answers.

"A gothic-style, psychological thriller." - Daily Herald

"This is one of those rare thrillers that lives up to its promise, grabbing our attention in its first moments and not letting go until the heart-stopping ending." - Chicago Reader

"A creepy, clever prequel to Bram Stokers' vampire legend." - The Ann Arbor News

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