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The Gravedigger - A Frankenstein Play

Playwright: Joseph Zettelmaier

Based on the novel by: Mary Shelly


A gothic drama. Set in the late 1700s, in one of Bavaria’s forgotten cemeteries, a lone gravedigger discovers a hideously scarred man hiding in a fresh grave. What the gravedigger doesn’t know is that the man is none other than the legendary monster created by a mad doctor. What the scarred man doesn’t know is the gravedigger’s hand in his creation. And what neither men know is that they are hunted by their shared past. 


"The Gravedigger" shows off the writer's gift for creating easily digested but emotionally resonant portraits of one essential truth, as expressed by Anton. "All that live wish to be understood." This is a monster show with heart and soul to spare." – Chicago Tribune


"This play further cements Zettelmaier's reputation as Michigan's best and most prolific playwright. This one is poised to haunt theaters for generations to come." - Detroit Free Press

Gravedigger 2 copy.jpg

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