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The Innocence Of Seduction

Playwright: Mark Pracht

"A love letter to comic books, featuring characters based on the actual creators, their work and how they were affected by the repercussions of overregulation." – Newcity Chicago


1950s America. As a Congressional investigation probes the perceived connection between comic books and juvenile delinquency, the lives of three fascinating individuals become entangled in the inquiry: William Gaines, the visionary behind horror comics; Matt Baker, a closeted Black artist drawing romance comics; and Janice Valleau, innovative creator of a groundbreaking comic featuring a female detective. As the investigation unfurls, their careers and personal lives are thrust into the spotlight, revealing the profound impact of societal scrutiny on their creative endeavors. Above it all is the leering figure of Dr. Wertham, whose dubious psychological book has America questioning its heroes. Darkly funny, The Innocence of Seduction is a riveting exploration of an era marked by censorship, prejudice, and the enduring resilience of artistic expression.

Pracht - Innocence Of Seduction.jpg

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