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The Jigsaw Bride - A Frankenstein Play

Playwright: Joseph Zettelmaier

Based on the novel by: Mary Shelly

“At once eerie and clever.” - Chicago Reader

From the pen of award-winning horror writer Joseph Zettelmaier (The Gravedigger, Dr. Seward's Dracula) comes his latest eerie gothic retelling of a classic horror story.

One hundred years after the death of Victor Frankenstein, noted scientist Maria von Moos decides to excavate a ruined castle deep in the Geneva woods. In her search to uncover one mad-man’s secrets, she makes a startling discovery - Justine, a woman frozen in time. She brings this stranger into her home, and a journey of science and hope begins. As Justine begins to remember who and what she is, Maria sees a future brighter than she could imagine. But harsh realities and betrayals threaten all they hope to accomplish when Vystario’s Menagerie of the Macabre comes to town.

“(A) dramatic, compelling tale dealing with moral dilemmas, philosophical debates over science and nature, betrayals, and treachery.” - Chicago Splash Magazine

Zettelmeier - Jigsaw Bride Cover (1) copy.jpg

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