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Action Movie: The Play

Playwrights: Joe Foust and Richard Ragsdale

You want ACTION, buddy? We got ACTION! You want LAFFS, pal? We got LAFFS! You want a play with a CAR CHASE, an ALLIGATOR ATTACK, and A BUNCH OF SUPER-COOL FIGHT SCENES? Hoo boy, friend, have we got something for you!

When wiseacre supervillain John Kreegar gets his filthy mitts on an eldritch artifact of terrible power, everybody’s ass is up for grabs! Luckily, the mysterious Dr. Xylene is putting together a fantastic team of good guys to fix Kreegar’s wagon but good! Comedy, combat, and crazy stage magic all come together to mainline a blast of utter theatrical delight straight to your cerebral cortex! Cyborgs! Henchmen! Girl Scouts! THIS PLAY HAS IT ALL, BUDDY!

Originally produced by Chicago's famous Defiant Theatre, this play has become a legitimate legend, a monsterous myth, a tall tale to be told to those thrilled by terrific theatre! The show is gone, but you can stage this beauty in the theatre of your mind! Trust us, it'll be tremendous!

Action Movie Cover 2 copy.jpg

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