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Captain Blood Cover copy.jpg
Captain Blood

Playwright: David Rice

Unjustly sentenced to slavery on a Caribbean island, the bold Dr. Peter Blood falls in love with the lady of the plantation, the lovely Arabella Bishop. When Blood escapes and takes up the life of a pirate, it appears that fate has separated them forever...or has it? Filled with sword fights and pirate battles, love and treachery, and even a song or two, Captain Blood is a pirate adventure perfect for the whole crew!

“Whether one seeks a nostalgic romance with a feminist twist, swashbuckling clean fun for the family, or a subtle call to fly the pirate flag of righteous rebellion in troubled times, Captain Blood steers a sure and steady course.” — THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Sordelet Ink retains no rights to produce the plays we publish. Those rights belong solely to the playwrights themselves. If you are interested in producing one of these plays, contact information for each playwright can be found on the information page within each script. 

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