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Hatfield & McCoy

Playwright: Shawn Pfautsch

Blood Feuds. Forbidden Love. Unforgivable Betrayals.

Step into the heart of Appalachia and witness a gripping tale of passion, vengeance, and redemption in Shawn Pfautsch's riveting play, Hatfield & McCoy. This modern retelling of the infamous American feud will transport you to a world where loyalty is tested and honor is stained with blood.

When a forbidden love affair ignites the simmering tensions between two families, the stage is set for an explosive clash that threatens to consume them all. Secrets unravel, alliances shift, and long-buried grudges resurface as the Hatfields and McCoys hurtle towards an inevitable and deadly confrontation.

Filled with music and classical references to star-crossed love, Pfautsch's play masterfully blends historical authenticity with contemporary flair, creating a narrative that is both timeless and urgently relevant. Hatfield & McCoy is a powerful exploration of how far we are willing to go to defend our honor and protect those we love.

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