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Malapert Love

Playwright: Siah Berlatsky

“Malapert Love is the funniest show of the year!”

—Chicago On Stage


MALAPERT /ˈmaləpərt/ Archaic: Adjective: “boldly disrespectful to a person of higher standing.” Noun: “an impudent person.”

Malapert Love is a modern response to the tropes, style and structure of Shakespeare’s comedies. It follows the tangled and farcical action of a group of people who have all fallen in love with the wrong person. A hilarious mash-up/homage/reimagining of classical comedic elements!

“A classic farce with modern themes.”

—Chicago Reader

“Full of great laughs with some tugs at the heart..”

—Third Coast Review

Berlatsky Malapert Love Front Cover.jpg

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