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Two Plays: My Italy Story & Long Gone Daddy

Playwright: Joseph Gallo

My Italy Story: Spurred by visits from his grandmother’s ghost and by pleas from his cousin Louie to help get the family back together, Thomas DaGato quits his job as a New York account executive and travels to the tiny Italian village of his ancestors – Vallata. It’s not until he comes home, however, that he discovers a secret that unlocks his past.


Long Gone Daddy chronicles the comic misadventures of becoming a stay-at-home father. From Bruce Springsteen concerts to OBGYN appointments to the Hoboken playgrounds and back again, Gallo’s semi-autobiographical play also wrestles with the memory of his own Dad, a former fireman, and the existential question, “When does a father earn the right to be called Dad?”

Sordelet Ink retains no rights to produce the plays we publish. Those rights belong solely to the playwrights themselves. If you are interested in producing one of these plays, contact information for each playwright can be found on the information page within each script. 

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