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Williamston Anthology Vol. 1

In its first ten years, The Williamston Theatre has commissioned more than a dozen original works by local playwrights. Collected here are seven plays that premiered at Williamston, including three entries in their Voices Of The Midwest series. This volume contains:

Flap - Annie Martin

Voices of the Midwest: Mothers, Maidens, & Crones - Annie Martin and Suzi Regan

Voices of the Midwest: Flyover U.S.A. - Dennis North and Joseph Zettelmaier

It Came From Mars - Joseph Zettelmaier

Voices of the Midwest: Home - Annie Martin and Suzi Regan

Oedipus - adapted by Annie Martin and Tony Caselli

Northern Aggression: And the Creek Don't Rise - Joseph Zettelmaier

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Sordelet Ink retains no rights to produce the plays we publish. Those rights belong solely to the playwrights themselves. If you are interested in producing one of these plays, contact information for each playwright can be found on the information page within each script. 

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