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Leading Strategic Change

Author: Albert B Blixt

Organizations and people don’t change on their own. Change is either a proactive or a reactive response to forces inside and outside of the organization. 


Someone once said, “We can either be the authors of our future or its victims.” Proactive, planned change is better. But it requires the intervention of a Change Agent or maybe more than one.


The term Change Agent covers a lot of ground, from organization leaders to consultants and facilitators to people down in the organization who decide to take a hand in inventing the next version of the future.


Yes, of course, leaders often use command and control believing that they can dictate that a change will take place. And some of the time, that works—to an extent. However, as management guru Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This explains why nearly 70% of all change efforts fail.


Leaders and change agents need to understand how to create the right conditions for positive change to happen. This book contains several basic tools of the change agent. Take what you can and add it to the other ideas and methods in your change toolkit.

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